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TransferRoom helps AS Roma reduce costs and connect directly with other clubs. TransferRoom simplifies processes as it creates transparency and thereby saves us time.

Ramon “Monchi” Rodriguez, Sporting Director, AS Roma

I feel very comfortable using TransferRoom, because the information is exclusive to a closed cycle of football professionals. It is definitely the future of football to have more synergy between clubs.

Victor Orta, Director of Football, Leeds United F.C.

TransferRoom has become an integral part of our player placement strategy. It has helped us hugely already and we will continue to use TransferRoom to add value to our programme.

Kevin Thelwell, Sporting Director, Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.

TransferRoom helps reduce the time needed to make connection with clubs. By being precise about what clubs need, this enables us to speak about actual players.

Fergal Harkin, Football Partnerships Manager, Manchester City

We have already closed one significant loan deal that was fully orchestrated via TransferRoom.

Tomasz Zahorski, Proxy of the Management Board, Legia Warsaw

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