TransferRoom is an online club-to-club marketplace with the purpose of making professional football clubs' use of the transfer market more efficient and profitable.


The platform is developed in close collaboration with club executives and sporting directors across Europe.

It is designed to improve their opportunities to buy and sell players without the involvement of expensive intermediaries.


In today's transfer market, buying clubs have no credible information on which players are available and at what price. At the same time selling clubs have no credible information which player profiles buying clubs are looking for. As a consequence, both buying and selling clubs heavily rely on expensive intermediaries to provide that information. TransferRoom is built to make the transfer market more transparent by providing clubs with key market information.

Market Access

Football clubs' market access when buying and selling players is often limited by the size and quality of an agent's contact book. As a consequence, selling clubs miss out on major opportunities to promote their players to a bigger market, and buying clubs are only being exposed to a fraction of the player options that are actually available to them. TransferRoom provides full market access by giving hundreds of clubs the opportunity to connect directly with each other.

Money Savings

Clubs' intermediary spending has increased dramatically. A large percentage of intermediary spending is unnecessary and caused by the fact that the transfer market offers only little transparency and limited market access to most of the clubs. TransferRoom provides the opportunity for clubs to connect and communicate directly with each other both domestically and internationally. The platform is built to help clubs significantly reduce their costs by eliminating the unnecessary use of intermediaries.

Club intermediary fees are exploding

Data Source: FIFA TMS Global Transfer Market Report 2017

The lack of credible and transparent market information means that billions of euros unnecessarily leave the footbal clubs and arrive in the pockets of agents and intermediaries. Ultimately, it prevents clubs from being as profitable as they could. We believe it is time for clubs to take back control over the market.

Connect directly with 300+ clubs

TransferRoom is a credible line of communication between decision makers in clubs across Europe. It enables clubs to establish contact with short notice. With the market access provided by TransferRoom clubs are never more than two clicks away from a potential transfer.

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